How states powered climate policy in 2021

Governors and state lawmakers are blazing trails on emissions reduction, clean energy targets and environmental justice.

2021 was a productive year for climate policy particularly for U.S. states. Both red and blue states passed ambitious climate bills last year. Several of the new laws address emissions from multiple sectors of the economy, include strong labor provisions and center environmental justice in meaningful ways.

In the first Political Climate episode of 2022, we look at some of the biggest political wins of 2021 that took place around the country. From Oregon and Illinois joining the party on 100% emissions-free electricity to a wide-ranging cap-and-trade bill in Washington state and a net-zero goal in North Carolina, there was no shortage of action.

Host Julia Pyper speaks with Canary Media’s Jeff St. John about key elements of these new state policies, how they came to pass and why they’re so significant. 

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