Amy Harder on trends and challenges in getting to net zero

We talk global gas shortages, NIMBYism and the future of clean energy journalism.

The clean energy transition is accelerating — but progress isn’t always smooth. 

The global energy crisis and related price spikes have raised some difficult political questions around the push for decarbonization. At the same time, local opposition to clean energy projects threatens to undermine meeting national net-zero goals. Similarly, complexities around accessing the materials needed to manufacture cleantech solutions threaten to disrupt the sector.

These are the kinds of tough issues that longtime climate and energy journalist Amy Harder is used to covering — and continues to cover in her role as executive editor at Cipher, a recently launched news publication backed by Bill Gates’ Breakthrough Energy. In this episode, podcast host Julia Pyper, along with co-hosts Brandon Hurlbut and Shane Skelton of policy firm Boundary Stone Partners, speaks to Amy about some of the latest trends and challenges in the race to net-zero emissions.

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