Going electric? The new climate law can help

Now that the Inflation Reduction Act is law, how might it transform your home? And how much money can you save by going electric?

On the Political Climate podcast this week:

Many of our homes use fossil fuels to keep us warm, heat our water and cook our food. But as the U.S. moves to decarbonize, there’s a push for homeowners to switch to electric appliances and systems. Now, with the Inflation Reduction Act signed into law, there’s an enormous amount of new funding available to accelerate that transition. 

In this Political Climate Newsflash episode, host Julia Pyper and producer Maria Virginia Olano are joined by Ari Matusiak, CEO of Rewiring America, a nonprofit working to electrify everything in our homes, businesses and communities. They break down the rebates, tax credits and other programs in the climate law that will help American households go electric — and how much money consumers can save in the process.

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