More 2023 trends: EVs, onshoring and the three ages of decarbonization

Part two of our conversation on the biggest trends in climatetech with Nat Bullard.

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On the Catalyst with Shayle Kann podcast this week:

We had so much to cover in Nat Bullard’s monster climate-trends slide deck that we’re back for another episode. Haven’t heard the first part yet? Listen here.

Nat was the chief content officer at BloombergNEF until last year. He is now a senior contributor at BNEF and Bloomberg Green, as well as a venture partner at Voyager Ventures. 

Shayle and Nat dig into topics including:

  • EVs. From 2017 to 2022, global sales of internal combustion engine cars declined by nearly a third, and EV sales are on the rise. Will growth in EVs offset the decline in passenger-vehicle sales?

  • Onshoring of supply chains. Companies have announced plans to bring manufacturing facilities to the U.S. or nearby countries. In the EV value chain alone, announcements amounting to $70 billion worth of investment were made in 2022. Will this onshoring trend have staying power? 

  • The three ages of decarbonization. First came renewable energy, then the energy transition, and starting in 2019, the net-zero age. It builds on everything we did before, but now with a focus on molecules, calories, industry and pressure on the boardroom.

  • Plus, what we can do with old coal sites and the types of projects that tend to have cost overruns.

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