How do we solve the energy storage problem?

In this crossover episode with How to Save a Planet, Shayle Kann takes a spin as a judge on a Shark Tank–style gameshow.

On the Catalyst with Shayle Kann podcast this week:

It’s shark week! Or spark” week? Today we’re bringing you an episode of How to Save a Planet, in which Shayle steps into the shoes of a Shark Tank–style judge.

This episode is all about (drumroll, please)…storage!

Exciting, right? OK, we’ll prove it to you. Each day, more and more of our electricity comes from intermittent renewables like wind and solar. To balance out our electric grid in the future, we’ll need new ways of storing extra energy so we can still turn on our lights when the wind isn’t blowing and the sun isn’t shining. With help from Leah Stokes and other special guests, we explore the wild world of energy storage, from a hidden underground lair to a piping hot thermos full of poison. And did we mention it’s a game show?


  • Leah Stokes, professor of climate and energy policy at the University of California, Santa Barbara

  • Len Greene, director of government affairs and communications at FirstLight Power

  • Curtis VanWalleghem, CEO of Hydrostor

  • Cristina Prieto, professor of engineering at the University of Seville

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