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The first edition of our newsletter features Tesla, Diablo Canyon, Times Square, RMI and more.
By Nicholas Rinaldi

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Last but not least, today’s articles from Eric Wesoff and Jeff St. John are below.

Confronting climate change with fiercely independent, data-driven journalism

We’re on the cusp of a life-threatening climate calamity, a massive disruption of the energy industry and a revolution in greentech jobs. But mainstream journalists are largely ignoring the enormity of the problem. Read more →

How cities and counties can grow their clean energy profiles

Local governments set records on clean energy procurement last year. A joint RMI-WRI report finds diverse ways to boost that growth. Read more →

California tees up 7.5GW procurement to replace Diablo Canyon. Is it enough?

Can solar and batteries, geothermal power and long-duration energy storage replace the state’s last nuclear plant by mid-decade without increasing carbon emissions? Read more →

Tesla continues beta-testing on live homeowners, moves to fifth version of integrated solar roof

Elon Musk promised that 2019 was going to be the year of the solar roof. It was not. Neither was 2020, and 2021 doesn’t appear too promising. Read more →

The Great Canary Way

We had some fun this morning in Times Square to mark our launch!

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