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Video: Watch Canary Media reporters talk recycling renewables

Canary journalists share key takeaways and insights from our special series on how to handle end-of-life solar panels, wind turbines and EV batteries.
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Canary Media thanks Solarcycle for its support of the Recycling Renewables series.

As the world rolls out more solar panels, wind turbines and batteries, we’re cleaning up electricity — and generating a lot of equipment that will ultimately need to be recycled. The clean energy sector has drastically lower impacts on the environment than fossil fuels, but it still needs to do its part to conserve resources and curb waste.

In a special series, Canary Media takes an in-depth look at the technologies, policies and companies that can make clean energy even cleaner. Here’s a video of our journalists sharing the most important themes and takeaways they gleaned from their reporting on the topic. 

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