Drought is resurfacing lost relics around the world

From ancient villages to Buddhist statues to dinosaur tracks, drought is uncovering history below the waterline.

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On The Carbon Copy podcast this week:

One-third of the world is currently facing water stress. The horn of Africa is in the grip of a devastating drought, putting millions at risk of famine. In China, low water levels are causing cuts to hydropower in Sichuan province. Nearly two-thirds of Europe is currently under some level of drought warning, the worst water conditions in 500 years in that region.

Drought will only become more severe in some regions as the climate continues to warm. The United Nations estimates that drought frequency has already increased by one-third since the year 2000. Ongoing drought has dire implications for everything ranging from food security to manufacturing, energy production, and health. 

This week, we’re bringing you a story about the unexpected consequence of drought: It has been revealing secrets previously lost beneath the waterline. 

Falling water levels are reshaping landscapes around the world. As rivers and reservoirs recede, historical relics are coming to the surface. This week, we speak to reporter Dharna Noor about the dinosaur tracks, historical artifacts and even human remains that are being unveiled as global drought progresses. 

Dharna Noor is a reporter and digital producer at The Boston Globe. You can read her article on the secrets revealed by drought here.

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