Chart: The vast majority of Americans love solar and wind power

Enthusiasm for renewables cuts across the country’s cultural chasms.
By Eric Wesoff, Maria Virginia Olano

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Americans don’t agree on much these days. We’re at war over our path forward as a country, and even over Big Bird.

But the prospect of expanding our country’s solar and wind power resources has out-of-this-world polling results, with 90 percent and 83 percent responding favorably, respectively.

These are Dolly Parton–level approval numbers that cut across parties and cohorts — yet most politicians and the mainstream press choose to consistently overlook the public’s overwhelming love for renewable power sources.

A couple of members of Congress are looking to capitalize on solar’s broad appeal and boost the industry.

Canary Editor-at-Large David Roberts recently mused on the stunning popularity of solar power: This is something that is utterly remarkable about solar, and, especially in 2021, almost unique: It polls through the roof. It always has. It seems to defy political gravity in a way almost no other issue I can think of does.”

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Eric Wesoff is the executive director at Canary Media.

Maria Virginia Olano is chief of staff at Canary Media.